An ancient fishing village lying at the foot of Mount Falerzio, Cetara lies in a deep, green valley flanked by vineyards and citrus groves.

Today it still survives on its fishing and its economic activity is based around the fishing. Currently it owns one of the largest tuna fleet in the Mediterranean and has close contacts with Nemour in Algeria, with Sète and with Marseille in France.

In recent years the use of the technique of casting of anchovies, a reworking from the Middle Ages was revived as a valuable condiment, typical of the local cuisine.

Cetara’s History

The origins of this seaside village perhaps dates back to Medieval times. During the Middle Ages its territory, almost certainly uninhabited, belonged to the jurisdiction of the Etruscan town of Marcina, most likely coinciding with Vietri sul Mare as reported in the Chronicon Salernitanum.

At the time of the maritime republic cetaresi, like all coastal inhabitants of the Duchy of Amalfi, embarked on ships of the republic, participated in the maritime and commercial activities contributing actively to the triangular cycle of Amalfi trade, which had leaders such as southern Italy, ‘North Africa and Byzantine.

Cetara today

Although Cetara is not as famous or well known as other towns on the coast it is a must see. Tourists can appreciate the fresh fish in the many restaurants in the town and the well known ‘cuopperia del Convento’ located beside St Peter’s church which serves amazing fried fish.

St Peter’s church is also a must see as it provides a look into the past and finally if you do spend the day in Cetara, why not take a fishing boat trip out with local fishermen who will show you how to fish and then cook it for you too!


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