About us

So, in a fast-paced world, be more like us: slow down and take two minutes to get to know us better!

Costieraamalfitana.com was born back in 2000 from the desire to tell the story of the Amalfi Coast in all its shades.

The site you are now consulting is the landing point of all the experience accumulated in over 20 years.

Experience that has gone hand in hand with a love for this wonderful land and a desire to offer something that goes beyond a simple passionate narration, becoming a real and exciting connection with places, people and traditions of the Amalfi Coast.

We are true locals, raised on bread, views and lemon granitas.

We have always lived here and we want to guide you to discover the most authentic Amalfi Coast.

This is who we are:

Salvatore Ingenito


Founder di costieraamalfitana.com.
Da sempre appassionato di tecnologia e web, nel tempo libero mi dedico alla fotografia.
Gestisco la mia  struttura ricettiva a Maiori e, proprio dal contatto con i viaggiatori, trovo tanti spunti interessanti per i lettori del sito. Credo nell’organizzazione, nella precisione e nelle buone relazioni professionali ed umane.
Ogni tanto posso  usare termini come “workflow”, “mindset”, “growth hacking”.
Poi, però, faccio due passi sul mare e mi riprendo.

Giulia Di Lieto


Freelance Copywriter and Social Media Manager.
Differently young marketing and communication student. Passionate about poetry and literature. Catwoman and nubivagous, compulsive coffee drinker.
In my spare time I love walking the hidden paths of the Coast, listening to good music. Another thing I love is seeing the face my friends outside make when I offer them a taste of ‘aubergine with chocolate’. Then, however, they change their minds!

Alessandro Milano


I studied art history and tourism marketing.
I am a museum operator and tour guide, in my spare time I fill my eyes, heart and gut with the beauty and delicacies of the Amalfi Coast.
Sometimes I try to assist my father clumsily in the vegetable garden, but what I do better is tasting his wine.

Salvatore Serio


The Amalfi Coast is my home and I have always loved to make it known to those who have not had the good fortune to live there.
It was precisely to achieve this goal that I embarked journalistic career, and after graduating in Communication Sciences I started the path to enrolment in the Register of Journalists, which culminated in 2018.
I’ve had various experiences in the world of information, starting with the provincial daily ‘La Città’, passing through the website dedicated to the Divine ‘Amalfinotizie’, without forgetting my collaborations with the national newspaper ‘OA Sport’ and the local broadcaster ‘SET TV’.
In addition to writing, my main passions are sport, good food and the Amalfi coast.