About us

CostieraAmalfitana.com is one of the first touristic portal entirely dedicated to Amalfi Coast and its beauties. The website was born in 2000 and during its first years has quickly become one of the best internet websites to find informations about the Amalfi Coast, operating as a virtual guide for all the tourists interested in visiting Amalfi and its surroundings.

In 2015 a group of friend, sharing both the passion for the Internet and for their birthplace, invested in the website and started a new society, Wellit03 SRL, with the goal of taking the website at the first place of the touristic resources dedicated to this little heaven we call Costiera Amalfitana.

The new project is willing to take the website back to the fasts of the past, taking it directly into the middle of web 2.0 revolution.

Trying to give the due importance to our territory, the new website will talk about excellencies and beauties of the Coast, appreciated all around the world, mixing the classic newsreporting with a careful look at what the historical sites of our region have to offer, integrating also tendencies coming from the world of social network and offering, at the same time, a good showcase to the best economic enterprises of our territory.

The portal will host also accurate descriptions and guides of the monuments and landscapes that made many visitors of the past fall in love with the Costiera.

At the same time, our blog will tell you the best stories of daily life, offering the possibility to readers and visitors to interact with our website and our offer.

Our goal is to tell you about the wonderful Amalfi Coast in a modern fashion, leaving behind the old way of offering touristic content, opening a window toward a more interactive world, trying to be as good as the wonderful towns, villages and sea that you can find just in Amalfi Coast.

Salvatore Ingenito

I’m from Maiori and my passions are web and technology.

I’ve worked several years realizing websites and web projects.

I’ve decided to join this group of friends, trying to put at use of our territory my skills and knowledge.