Amalfi Coast Airport: How To Get to Amalfi Coast by Plane

If you are planning your trip to the Amalfi Coast you would surely like to know how to reach the area by plane, especially if you are not setting out from Italy but coming from another country.

How long does it take to reach Amalfi from the nearest airport? What airport should you pick up as arrival destination for your vacation in the Costiera?

You will find your answers in a while. Keep reading on!

Naples International Airport (NAP) “Capodichino”: the nearest airport to the Amalfi Coast

The nearest airport to the Costiera Amalfitana is Naples International Airport “Capodichino”.

The airport is right outside the city and is well connected to the Central Station, the point of departure for buses and trains for the Costiera.

The Capodichino Airport offers direct flights from and to New York, Bruxelles, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Athens, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid, Basilea, Geneve, Zurich and Istanbul.

In case you won’t be flying from one of the above airports, you have basically two choices:

  • You can travel to one of the major airports of Italy, i.e. Milan Malpensa (MPX), Milan Linate or Rome Fiumicino and then get a connection flight to Naples. There are plenty of flights everyday from and to Milan or from and to Rome. Such flights are operated by Alitalia and EasyJet and Meridiana Airlines. You can also fly to Naples from smaller Italian airports such as Genova, Torino, Catania, Olbia, Palermo.
  • You can reach the closest international airport to your departure point and get a direct flight to Naples. There is basically no difference between the two options except for the price. During the high season, national flights connecting Naples to to other Italian airports can become quite pricey.

The alternative: Roma Fiumicino

Roma Fiumicino is the second closest airport to the Amalfi Coast.

It’s approximately 400 km far from Amalfi and it is surely better connected than Capodichino Naples Airport:

  • you can get a direct flight to Roma Fiumicino basically from everywhere in the world. The airport is well connected to every capital of Europe, America and Asia. There are several flights per day from and to the major cities of the world.
  • you can usually get a better price for the flight as the competition between companies is higher and there are also more flights available per day.

Rome can be a cheaper and more convenient option (destination gets repetitive) for your flight, even though it is at least 4 hours of travel by car far from the Amalfi Coast.

How to reach the Amalfi Coast from Naples Capodichino Airport

If you decide for Naples Capodichino as final destination for your flight, you will be far closer to the Coast.

You can reach the Amalfi Coast and the towns along the shore:

  • by car: you can rent a car directly at Naples Capodichino Airport. All the major car rental services operate in the airport and you can get a good deal with an early reservation. You can also find the best car rental offers on the Internet. Prices for car rentals in Naples are higher than the ones in Rome usually and full insurance coverage is strongly advised.
  • You can reach the Amalfi Coast by train. The Circumvesuvana Train reaches Sorrento in approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes. The train is not very comfortable if you are travelling with luggage. It is a very cheap way to reach Sorrento, though and if you are travelling on budget you should take it into consideration.
  • You can reach the Amalfi Coast also by bus, with SITA. There are many buses leaving from Napoli Central Station (no comma) that will take you to Amalfi in approximately 2 hours.
  • You can contact your hotel and ask for shuttle service from Napoli Capodichino. Most of the hotels offer such a service and it would be surely the best way to reach the Coast, if you can’t or don’t want to rent a car.

Reaching the Amalfi Coast from Roma Fiumicino

As we stated before, Rome Fiumicino is approximately 400 km from Amalfi. You can reach your final destination:

  • by car: most of the international car rental services operate in Rome Fiumicino. Prices are usually lower than in Naples. Full insurance coverage is strongly advised, especially if you are not used to drive in the narrow roads of the Costiera.
  • by train: moving from Fiumicino to the Amalfi Coast by train can be problematic. You will have to reach Roma Termini by train, then change train and reach Napoli Centrale. From Napoli Centrale you could either go to Sorrento by train, or to Amalfi by bus. It’s not an optimal solution both for the cost and duration of your travel. Alternatively, you could try Fiumicino-Rome by train, then Rome-Salerno by train again, and as last part of the trip move from Salerno to your final destination on the Coast. It may take around 30 minutes less if you are trying to reach the southern part of the Amalfi Coast.
  • by shuttle services: some hotels in the Costiera offer shuttle service also from Fiumicino. They are quite pricey usually and we strongly advise to contact your hotel before going for this kind of solution.
  • by bus: during summer you can reach Positano from Rome with private bus. Marozzi Bus is a private company operating from Roma Tiburtina Bus Station to Positano. The trip takes approximately 4h30m and it is one of the best solutions to reach the Amalfi Coast if you don’t want to rent a car.

Reaching the Amalfi Coast from Rome is surely more problematic, even though lower ticket prices and frequency of flights could make this option more convenient, money wise, for your vacation.

Other airports, such as Bologna and Pisa, could look almost close on the map but they are definitely not, once that you will have to move from there to reach the Amalfi Coast.

Moving from there would require either train or a very long trip by car: given the prices of fuel and the tolls of Autostrade, that could be the longest, most tiring and costliest solution to reach Amalfi.