Tramonti: Vineyard and wine cellar tour with tasting

3 hours
From € 70 per person

Don’t miss out on this experience if:

✅ You are a lover of wine and traditional cuisine.
✅ You want to discover the most authentic places on the Amalfi Coast, their stories and traditions.
✅ You are looking for a unique and unusual experience to experience the Amalfi Coast beyond the usual routes.

Lovers of good food are well aware of this: when travelling, it is not so easy to identify the so-called ‘sincere places’, where you can find those authentic flavours, capable of fully expressing the essence of a place.

If you are looking for such a place, you absolutely must take part in this experience: it will take you to Tramonti, in the authentic rural heart of the Amalfi Coast, to discover its excellent wines and excellent raw products.

You must, in fact, know that Tramonti stretches along the high side of the Amalfi Coast: we are slightly away from the sea and the more central areas, commonly appreciated and known by travellers.

Here we enter the authentic heart of ancient local traditions, carried on with love, patience and wisdom by those who have always lived in these places, keeping alive family activities, passed down from generation to generation.

In the context of this experience, we are talking about local wines.

Those of Tramonti are made from very special indigenous grapes, which grow in centuries-old vineyards, enhanced and made delicious by the mild climate of the place and special production, fermentation and ageing techniques.

The result?

Such wines that even experienced connoisseurs appreciate very much, for their uniqueness in taste and in the way they are made.

What can you expect from this experience?

You will admire the lush vineyards of the Apicella winery, sun-kissed and grape-scented, discovering the secrets of cultivation and wine production in this unique area.

You will explore the cellar and hear all about the wine-making process, from fermentation to ageing: an authentic story of the Apicella family’s love and passion for wine.

There will be no lack of tasting time: after tales, anecdotes and technical explanations, you will finally taste the prestigious Apicella wines paired with delicious local products.

📍 How to get there

We recommend you reach Tramonti by car or scooter, since public transport may be difficult, since the public service covers this route less frequently than in other towns on the Amalfi Coast.

By car, from State Road 163 Amalfitana take Via Nuova Chiunzi and proceed towards the hamlet of Capitignano.
From Maiori it takes about 20 - 25 minutes to reach your destination.

Come and discover the authentic Amalfi Coast: get off the beaten track and savour authenticity!




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