Boat Tour from Praiano: Unveiling Hidden Gems along the Amalfi Coast

6 hours
From € 930.00 per group up to 5

Don’t miss this experience if:

✅ Sea, nature, and relaxation are the keywords of your vacation.
✅ You are looking for a unique experience to share with friends or family.
✅ You want a unique and personalized sea tour.
✅ You are looking for something special to celebrate a special occasion.

There is always something to celebrate: a friend getting married, a cousin who has passed their last university exam, a relative’s birthday, or simply the joy of spending quality time together!

If you are looking for an experience to share with your friends or family, we think you should consider this boat tour from Praiano to Maiori: it is truly an original and enjoyable way to spend a festive day together!

What can you expect from this experience?

Sea, sun and lightheartedness, first of all!

This private boat excursion with skipper will take you from Praiano to reach, step by step, the towns of Maiori and Minori.

In this way, you will be able to live a truly personalized and unforgettable experience, exploring the secret corners of the Amalfi Coast, discovering the hidden coves and caves and admiring the landscape from a truly enchanting perspective!

You can stop at the charming Fjord of Furore, stop in the mirror of water in front of Conca dei Marini, from where you can admire Capri, the Faraglioni and the Li Galli islands in the distance.

Since the cruise is completely customizable according to your tastes, you can decide whether to visit the splendid Emerald Grotto, or you can proceed towards other beauties: the beaches of Duoglio and Santa Croce, Amalfi and the stretch of coast from Amalfi to Maiori await you, dotted with enchanting views, with some hidden caves to discover.

In short, this experience is truly unmissable if you want to experience a day of sea and relaxation in the company of the people you love!

📣​ Bonus: you can also decide to stop for lunch at one of the typical seaside restaurants, to enjoy a 360-degree “Costierina” day.

📍​ How to reach the starting point

To take part in this experience, we start from Praiano.

We advise against reaching your destination by car, as the SS163 can be difficult to drive, especially for motorists who are venturing there for the first time.

In addition to the difficulty of driving, you may encounter queues and traffic jams along the way, especially if you are traveling during the peak summer months or on weekends.

And in the end, parking.

Praiano does not have many parking areas, so what starts out as a wonderful day at the beach can be made less enjoyable by the stress of finding a parking space!

📣​ Follow our advice: get around by public transport!
Reach your starting point on board the SITA SUD buses, taking the "Positano - Sorrento" line from Amalfi. Your journey will last around 40 minutes.
You can buy your tickets from authorized retailers (usually tobacconists and bars).

Alternatively, you can conveniently purchase them from your smartphone using the UNICO app: if you download it, you will have one less thing to worry about when traveling on the Amalfi Coast.





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