How To Get From Rome to the Amalfi Coast: Best Way For You!

How to get from Rome to the Amalfi Coast? How is it possible to reach Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Minori and Maiori, Ravello and the other wonderful towns of the Costiera from the Eternal City?

Fear not, as there are many ways to reach the Amalfi Coast from Rome, either by private car or using the public transportation, moving directly from Rome or having an intermediate stop either in Naples or in Salerno.

Landing in Fiumicino and moving to the Amalfi Coast

Landing in Fiumicino in order to reach the Amalfi Coast is definitely a good choice.

The biggest airport of Rome is surely not the closest to the Coast, but it is the one with the best connections to most of Europe and America important airports.

Usually the tickets to Rome Fiumicino are much cheaper than the ones to Napoli Capodichino airport, so also moneywise it could be the best option available to you and whoever is travelling with you.

After landing you will have to pick among the different options available to move from Fiumicino to the Amalfi Coast.

Before checking anything else: call your hotel!

Your hotel may offer a shuttle service from Fiumicino Rome Airport to the Amalfi Coast.

Before even consider other options, it would be better to contact the Hotel and ask if they offer such a service.

Usually it is not offered as a free service, but prices, especially if travelling as a crowded group, may be lower than the ones of other options available (train, car rental, bus).

Car rentals in Rome Fiumicino

If you plan to reach the Costiera Amalfitana by car, you will have to rent a car from one of the many offices available at Rome Fiumicino Airport. You won’t have to look around to find them, as they are right in front of arrival terminal.

Our advice is to make a reservation in advance, as the prices may increase swiftly if you try to get a car directly from the rental car office.

Most of the companies you will find online offer similar services, and you won’t have to worry about possible scams or problems: the companies operating within the airport area are certified and controlled by the public authority.

In order not to have problems, remember that:

  • to drive in Italy and to rent a car you will need B driving license or equivalent. It is not possibile to rent a car without showing a valid driving license. Companies are particularly strict about this specific matter, so before travelling check also that your driving license expiration date is not before the end of the rental
  • standard insurance included in car rental does not cover damages you will cause to the car. For a supplement you can get a full coverage, but prices may be high, according to the type of car. Getting additional coverage may be a good idea, especially if you don’t trust yourself for driving in the tiny streets of the costiera
  • With standard rental contracts you will be the only one able to drive. If you wish to add additional drivers you have to communicate it to the company before renting the car; this may cause problems in case you run into an accident, so act accordingly: adding another driver is usually very cheap.

How to reach Amalfi Coast by car

It won’t be a long trip: without much traffic you will be able to reach Amalfi in 3h40m.

To reach Amalfi Coast by car you will have to drive in the direction of Naples, following the signposts indicating Autostrada A1.

You will have to get out at Caserta Exit, then follow Autostrada A2 up to Naples. After that it’s time to follow Autostrada A3 and get out at Vietri sul Mare exit.

Vietri sul Mare is the southernmost town of the Costiera Amalfitana and from there you will have to move north to reach the town of the Coast you picked up for your vacation.

Rome-Amalfi by train

It’s actually not possible to travel completely by train to reach the Amalfi Coast from Rome.

You will have to complete the last part of the trip either by bus or by ferry. It may be anyway the best way to reach Amalfi Coast, as there is not always a direct bus from Rome to Amalfi.

  1. If you are in Fiumicino you will have to get on the Leonardo Express Train (14,00€) to reach Roma Termini Train Station
  2. If you are in Ciampino Airport you will have to reach Roma Termini Train Station by bus (4/6 € per person)
  3. In Roma Termini you will have to reach either Salerno or Napoli: the first option is surely quicker, even though the trip could look longer from the map

Which train company?

There are two companies operating on the Rome-Napoli-Salerno train route:

  • Trenitalia: it’s the state owned railway company. It offers slow trains at economic fares or fast and modern trains for a higher price. Around you will probably read horrible things about this company, even though it’s mostly things belonging to the past. On the Rome-Naples-Salerno route you will be able to travel with a very fast train, clean and modern, with reserved seat, onboard restaurant, WIFI and any other kind of confort. Prices may vary greatly, with the tickets early in the morning or late at night being usually cheaper. Beware though of Regionale trains. They can be very cheap (around 10€) but it will take forever to reach to actually reach Naples (more than 3h). They are dirtier and older: if money is not an issue we definitely advice to pick up a Freccia train
  • Italo: it’s a private owned company offering more or less the same services of Freccia Trains by Trenitalia. Prices are similar and trains may be slightly newer. There is really no reason to prefer one or the other company. It’s mostly about prices and timing. Make your choice without worrying much.

From Salerno to Costiera Amalfitana

From Salerno you will be able to reach any of the towns of the Costiera either by bus (you will find them leaving from the square in front of the the square) or by fast ferries.

Fast ferries offer Salerno-Amalfi and Salerno-Positano from Piazza della Concordia at 08:40, 09:40, 10:40, 11:40, 14:10 and 15:30. Prices are 8,00 € per person to Amalfi and 12,00 € per person to Positano.

The trip takes around 35 minutes to Amalfi and 70 minutes to Positano, which may be faster than reaching the towns by bus or car, especially during the high season, when the streets get extremely congested.

By bus from Sorrento

The last alternative to reach the Amalfi Coast is to move from Sorrento to your final town by bus. It’s surely an option, even though it will take at least a couple of hours more compared to the other options above.

Firstly you will have to reach Sorrento with the Circumvesuviana Train: it’s cheap, but also old, crowded and definitely not fancy. After reaching Sorrento you will have to enter the line to get on the buses to the Amalfi Coast. Especially during the high-season, it can get quite a while. It’s probably the cheapest way to get to Amalfi, even though by far the most uncomfortable one.