Sorrento is one of most popular locations of Sorrento Peninsula and by far the most attractive for tourists. After all we are talking of a center that is historically, artistically and for its nature the most important of the area. Not everybody though knows what to see, where to go, what to do in Sorrento.

That’s why we prepared for you a complete guide about what to do, see, eat and live in Sorrento, trying not to forget anything of what this wonderful region has to offer.

Sorrento Tour – What to do in the center of the city

Sorrento is not a place to be visited, but a place to be lived and experienced. You should start from the center of the city, by foot, trying to get lost as much as possible. We are talking of a village that is very dense in history, life and humanity and that will make you drunk with the unbelievable amount of emotions it will overwhelm you with.

Our walk starts from Tasso Square, the main square of the city, a new square that helped to redesign and reshape the historical center of Sorrento.

If it is still morning, our best suggestion is to drink one wonderful espresso before moving on.

Correale Palace and Chiesa della Pietà

Moving toward Pietà Street we will be walking through on of the most ancient areas of the town, going straight to Sorrento Cathedral .

The walk shouldn’t be considered though a simple pathway: we will have the chance to see, along the way, historical beauties like Palazzo Correale, one of the best examples of the medieval architecture that made Sorrento worldwide famous.

Right after Palazzo Correale, you will be able to see the gracious church of Santa Maria della Pietà, right next to Veniero Palace. Our tour in Sorrento just started and we are already overwhelmed by beauty.

The cathedral and Corso Italia

After reaching the end of Pietà Street we will finally be able to see Sorrento Cathedral, a particularly important architectural piece of Italian Baroque.

After the visit, if you are interested, you can continue your walk along Corso Italia, to do some shopping. If you are not interested, move straight in the direction of Villa Fiorentino, a villa hosting Sorrento Foundation, hosting all year long very interesting exhibits of international level.

Get lost in the alleys to have a taste of the true Sorrento

The perfect vacation in Sorrento? Get lost in the town, in its hundreds alleys and just go where your heart asks to go. Sorrento shouldn’t be visited with a to-do list at hand, but trying to follow as much as possible what our guts and soul asks us to do.

In every corner, in every shop, in every palace and in every church you can find a whole universe of beauty, a universe of amazement and sensual experiences.

Get lost in the alleys, have no goal or target, just enjoy it.

The romantic walk around the Villa

The Villa Comunale of Sorrento, a garden in southern Italian style, is by far the most romantic part of the town. It’s right on the shores of the Gulf and its benches would probably be able to tell us the story of thousands couples and love.

Maybe during the high season is a bit harder to feel the romantic soul of the place, as the place is quite crowded. If you are one of the lucky ones who can enjoy Sorrento before or after August, you will be probably feel the Love, the real one, pervading your body and soul.

What about the sea?

Yeah, we talked about Sorrento as if it was a landlocked town with no business with the sea. It’s obviously not like that, because right in front of the town you will be able to enjoy some of the best beaches of the world, and we are sure that you have rarely met such a natural beauty in your life.

Our tour should start from Marina Grande. Reach Vittoria Square, then move through the Marina, getting through also the historical entrance to the city.

Marina Grande is the historical fishermen village of Sorrento. Today it shows its renewed face. Our suggestion is to try to have at least a meal in one of the traditional restaurants.

Sorrento and its beaches

No, we haven’t forgot the beaches. Sorrento means also its gulf and its history of fishermen village. This wonderful town hosts also some of the best beaches of Italy.

We will introduce to you some of the most famous, with also a couple of tips directly from us, people still living in this very wonderful part of the world.

Bagni Regina Giovanna

The beach is named after Giovanna Queen of Angiò, a queen who loved more than anything this little natural haven. According to the gossip, it was here that she met many of her lovers.

Beside the gossip, this beach deserves at least half of a day: through a natural arch you will be able to reach a wonderful hidden grotto, with a wonderful laguna completely separated from the sea. Amazing!

Meta di Sorrento

It’s the longest beach of the area and you will need to move for a few km far from the center of the town. You can find there many chalet and also many places just where you can lie down and enjoy the beautiful beach and sea.


Yeah, you were looking for some place loved by the locals, weren’t you? That’s it: Puolo. One of the most loved beaches by the local population. Very clean waters, chance to join the sea from the free-beach, with no need to pay for a chair in a chalet. Puolo is true and authentic and by far one of the least known by tourists.


It’s bit far from Sorrento, but it is definitely worth the hassle. Move toward south, and you will reach a stony beach, with a very clear sea and warm waters.

And hey, did you know that Spaghetti alla Nerano are one of the most appreciated recipes of Costiera Amalfitana? Good, this is the right place to taste them.



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