The Path of the Gods: the best place for trekking in Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast doesn’t offer just wonderful beaches and medieval villages. Today we will talk a bit about the wonderful mountains encircling the Costiera, and about one of the best trekking and walking paths you can find in Southern Europe.

Its name is “Sentiero degli Dei”, Gods’ Pathway, a wonderful walk along Monti Lattari, the only way connecting all for several centuries between all the medieval villages of Amalfi Coast.

It has been discovered once again recently and today is one of the most enjoyable pathways you will be able to walk along in the whole Europe: a wonderful walk, with the amazing landscape of the Costiera being the perfect scenario for an unforgettable day.

Gods’ Pathway – il Sentiero degli Dei is so suggestive that many artists and writers, like Italo Calvino and David Herbert Lawrence wrote about it, putting in word th amazement you will surely feel during your walk.

Il Sentiero degli Dei is a natural pathway and there is not a single human who dared to move even a single stone along the path, stones that were there before you and will remain there well after we won’t be on this earth anymore.

The pathway is not just an amazing visual experience: all along the walk you will feel inebriated by the scents and perfumes that made this little corner of Campania one of the favorite havens for artists, painters, writers, musicians and all the great romantic men and women of the past.

And for the most sensitive souls it is possible just to close one’s eyes and hear the boat of Odysseus, who reached, according to the fable, the Coast of Amalfi.

… A wonderful pathway

Along the Gods’ Pathway you will be able to find freshwater sources and you will be able to relieve your fatigue drinking from the purest of waters, right before entering the village of Nocelle, ready to host whoever wanted to walk along the pathway.

From here you will have the best view of Li Galli Island, the island where, according to Homerus, mermaids used to trick seamen, taking them with their beautiful chants directly into their own end.

Just Odysseus managed to to survive the mermaids, not before asking to his fellow seamen to be bound with ropes to the mast, willing to hear their beautiful voice without leaving the boat and dying.

After a short stop at the Old Fountain of Monte Pertuso, you will be able to walk toward Positano and the famous 1700 stairs. There is a legend pertaining also Monte Pertuso: the Virgin Many and the Devil had here a long and violent battle, which marked all the stones around the mountain, creating a “pertuso” (italian for fissure), giving the name to mountain itself.

According to the legend, the Virgin Mary created the fissure, pushing her fingers through the stone. For who’s looking for a scientific explanation of the very peculiar shape of the mountain, it’s all due to the erosion, very common in the whole Amalfi Coast, phenomenon able to shape most of the rocks surrounding Amalfi.

Walking along the Gods’ Pathway – Sentiero degli Dei is a very unique and peculiar experience. Even if you are not a great walker, don’t be afraid: the whole pathway can be walked by unexperienced trekkers, without any need for special equipment. A good pair of shoes will be more than enough.

From the InfoPoint in the main square of Agerola you will be able to pick up all the material you will need for the trek: maps and guides, even though with the standard marking of the treks it is almost impossible to get lost.

There are two walks, dividing the Sentiero degli Dei in two parts: the higher pathway starts from Bomerano and ends in Santa Maria del Castello – it’s by far the hardest one, as you will have to slightly climb all allong the walk; the lower path is easier, and goes through Nocelle – it is the preferred one by tourists, especially the ones with no previous training in trekking and walking.

In addition to that, we must remind you that the lower path is also the most interesting for the presence of historical landmarks.

And if you feel tired during the walk, you will be able to rest on one of the many bench you will find all along the trail.

How to reach Sentiero degli Dei with public transportation

You will be able to reach Sentiero degli Dei even by public transportation. SITA buses leave from Napoli, Castellammare and Amalfi.

From Napoli you will be able to hop in the bus from varco Immacolatella or Via NMarina porta di Massa, with a stop in Via Ferraris, in front of INPS building, a few steps far from the Central Train Station.

From Castellamare di Stabia you will be able to hop in from basically any bus stop in the city.

From Amalfi, the travel starts in Flavio Gioia Square: you will have to get in the Agerola-Bomerano bus, reaching the latter to start your walk.

Useful tips

If you don’t feel like walking on your own, you can choose among many guided tours for Sentiero degli Dei: usually they start in the morning and last for 4h30m. With the guided tour you will reach Positano and also have the possibility to have lunch in the town.

There is also the possibility to follow alternative paths, outside the standard trail. You will start you trek from Vettica Maggiore and following a long path along historical stairs, you will be able to reach San Domenico, a religious complex which would be worth alone the travel to Costiera Amalfitana.

After a short visit to the Church of Santa Maria a Castro and the monastery right next to it, you will be able to continue your walk. After a while, close to Nocelle, the alternative path will merge into the classical one.

Where to find the right hotel or B&B

All along the Amalfi Coast you can find great structures to spend your holiday in relax and peace. You can pick up one of the structures in the most famous towns (Amalfi, Positano and Ravello) or in the smaller ones. You will be able to find accomodations at different price levels, with different levels of comfort and services.

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