Il Sentiero dei Limoni – Lemons’ Pathway

Il sentiero dei limoni – Lemons’ Pathway, is one of the most suggestive walks of the Amalfi Coast. We know well that whoever thinks about spending his vacation in Amalfi or in another one of the wonderful towns along the Costiera usually thinks about sea, beaches and nothing else.

The truth is that moving a few kilometers far from the beach you will be able to experience history, tradition, a genuine travel through what this wonderful place has been, is and will be for the next centuries.

A little bite of how people of the Costiera used to live, following the slow pace of nature, enjoying second by second the wonderful landscapes, towns, stones, perfumes, authentic spirit of the area.

The old street connecting Maiori to Minori has been, in the not-so-recent past, one of the most used ways of the Costiera Amalfitana, also because along this street the cultivation of the traditional lemons has been an ongoing business since Roman times.

Along the Lemons’ Pathway you will be able to experience directly both the history and the tradition of this special fruit, with the possibility to directly see the work of the masters of lemon, the ones delivering to the market the best of its kind.

During the year and especially between Spring and Summer, you will also be able to experience the traditional collection of lemons, a true and authentic rite which is one of the most important ones for the economy of this region.

The pathway

You will be able to join the Lemons’ Pathway from both directions: Minori and Maiori. You will have to climb on a fair amount of stairs.

During our virtual tour we will be starting from Maiori, and from Santa Maria a Mare a Maiori, a wonderful religious building with its worldwide famous cupola covered with majolicas, a must-see for whoever travels along the Costiera.

After that we will be able to walk along via Vena stairs, one of the most suggestive pathways of the Amalfi Coast. A quite wild and untouched vegetation will wait for you along the path, with wonderful olive trees, vineyards and carob trees.

Walking for some minutes you will reach the first lemon trees and the first houses of the people growing, collecting and selling the true lemon of the Costiera. The view from here cannot be described by words and it is worth, even alone, the whole trip to the Amalfi Coast.

After the first trees you will finally reach Torre, a little town belonging to the municipality of Minori.

The name of the town – which means tower in Italian – probably refers to an old fortification (we have no trace of it today). At the heart of the town you will be able to visit San Michele Arcangelo church, a wonderful and very old parish, which is one of the most characteristic historical buildings of the whole Costiera.

After the town, there is an amazing panoramic terrace, looking directly to Minori, called by the locals Mortella’s Panorama, from the local name for myrtle, one of the most common trees around Minori.

And now it’s time to make a choice: going left we will reach Minori, going right we will keep climbing, ending our path at the Annunziata Bell Tower, another very popular historical building both among the locals and among tourists with a taste for history.

Lemons: the true treasure of the Amalfi Coast

The Lemons’ Pathway is not just a walk in one of the most suggestive parts of the Costiera, but an authentic tour at the heart of the most characteristic activity of the Amalfi Coast.

It’s not just a lemon: it’s tradition, it’s history, it’s a rite repeated every year, since the beginning of time. Limon Amalphitanus is a local product, now finally certified by the IGP disciplinary and one of the worldwide famous products coming from this very region. Lemons’ Pathway will take you not across a touristic path, but at the heart of the production, at the slow pace of Nature, of the true treasure of this wonderful land.

And you will also have the chance to taste some of the sweet, tasty lemons that made Amalfi famous in the world.