The Path of Lemons: from Maiori to Minori through the village of Torre

The village of Torre along the Path of Lemons is set in one of the most fascinating places on the Amalfi Coast, sun-kissed, in a panoramic position on the promontory that divides the beautiful towns of Maiori and Minori.

If we decided to step away from their beaches for a moment, we would discover places where time flows by and secret roads that lead to a suspended dimension, roads where we can savour authenticity, tranquillity and those special sensations of the past: an authentic journey through time.

The ancient road that connects Maiori and Minori was one of the busiest roads on the Amalfi Coast in past centuries, especially for the cultivation of lemons.

It is precisely in the village of Torre that one of the areas of greatest diffusion and quality of lemons can be found, already for many centuries; some documents from the 17th century remind us, in fact, that ‘the most frequent fruits of its territory are lemons and limoncelli’.

The Path of Lemons, therefore, will let you experience first-hand the tradition and history that the scent of citrus fruits still tells us today, observing at close hand all the hard work that revolves around the Sfusato Amalfitano.

During the whole year, and in particular during the harvest periods between spring and summer, it is possible to witness the stages of lemon growing. Especially in the months from June to August, it is not uncommon to see people carrying heavy crates of lemons, the so-called ‘sporte’ weighing almost 60 kg, on their backs or by mule, and to notice the attention the lemon growers of the Amalfi Coast devote to their precious fruit.

The local secret for the best enjoyment of the Path of the Lemons

Many travellers who write to us via our social platforms, often ask us, when talking about the Path of the Lemons, “But why is it called that, if I haven’t found a single lemon plant on the way?”

To paraphrase the famous phrase from The Little Prince, “The lemon is invisible to the eyes”.

The answer to this very fair question is really simple: the cultivated gardens are private and therefore not visible when walking along the path.

Probably the name conjures up in the imagination of many the idea of a road completely surrounded by lemons. In reality, the cultivated gardens are many, but you will not find them directly along the road.

If, in fact, you stand on your toes, along the little wall that runs along the path, you can catch a glimpse of cultivated terraces and sometimes catch a glimpse of some farmers intent on the sacred work of tending their lemon groves.

So how can I visit one of these lemon groves?

Below you will find the form to book your experience on the Path of Lemons, with a pleasant stop at one of these lemon groves,

A local guide will lead you, in total pleasure and slowness, along this ancient path, stopping at a cultivated garden, where, in the shade of the plants and inebriated by the intense, fresh and aromatic perfume of our sfusato amalfitano, you will be able to enjoy a cool glass of lemonade and taste the lemon salad, a typical coastal appetiser.

Although the walk is short and the route is of moderate difficulty, we recommend comfortable shoes and suitable clothing for a short and exciting excursion.

Technical Data Sheet

  • Difficulty: Touristic
  • Length: 2.5 km
  • Height difference: +/- 150m
  • Duration⏳: approx. 3 hours (with breaks)
  • Route: initial part with uphill steps, then the route evolves all flat and downhill.

Far from the city chaos, explore a timeless dimension⏳of the village of Torre, meet the COUNTRIES, those who guard the secrets of the SFUSATO AMALFITANO, the most famous lemon in the world

About the Path of Lemons: the route

The path can be walked in either direction and is mostly paved. The average duration is one hour an a half.

The difficulty of the walk is medium-low, although there are several stairs to climb and descend (about 400 in each direction) in both directions.

In our short walk, we start from the collegiate church of Santa Maria a Mare in Maiori and its characteristic majolica dome, which, after observing it closely, we slowly leave behind as we climb the stairs of Via Vena resting on the steep rocky ridge.

Leaving the town, we encounter a rich and varied vegetation, a synthesis of the maquis and Mediterranean vegetation, including the characteristic trees of “sciuscelle”, the local name for locust beans, olive trees and vines.

In a few minutes we reach a beautiful valley surrounded by terraces; the road becomes gentle and everywhere we begin to see lemon trees and lovely little houses.

A few steps and we reach the picturesque village of Torre, in the municipality of Minori. The name of the village probably derives from an ancient fortification that has now disappeared, perhaps the Torre Fronsuti mentioned by some local historians, and its heart is the very ancient church of San Michele Arcangelo, one of the three parishes of Minori, already mentioned in some early medieval documents from the 10th century.

The church and the village of Torre can also be reached by car and by the municipal shuttle bus from Minori, but we advise you to enjoy the whole relaxing walk and take the ancient road that after the small square of San Michele begins to descend towards the village of Minori, among flowers, perfumes and kind faces.

We then cross the entire village until we reach a panoramic terrace overlooking Minori, the belvedere called “Mortella” (284 steps from Minori), the local dialect name for myrtle, which is widespread in the area.

Not far away, a fork in the road offers us a choice: to the left you go down to Minori, to the right you go back up to reach the splendid bell tower of the Annunziata, a 12th-century building, from which you can continue along other roads and paths and enjoy other magnificent viewpoints.

The choice is now yours!

As always, we would like to remind you that every alley and trekking path you take on the Amalfi Coast will give you beautiful views: don’t be afraid to get lost in the maze of alleys, every downhill road will take you to one of the beautiful beaches of the Coast and a well-deserved dip in the sea.

The Path of Lemons can be walked starting from Minori from the stairs in Via Vescovado, or by using the shuttle bus that takes you to the Village of Torre.

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