Camping on the Amalfi Coast: ideas for a trip in a tent or camper van

Camping on the Amalfi Coast is an experience that you absolutely must put on your list of things to do at least once in your life. Camper travellers or adventure lovers will already have understood what we are talking about: direct contact with nature, the freedom to move around easily, the chance to travel a little lighter, leaving behind the superfluous and focusing on the essential, the desire to experience authentic emotions that remain in the heart.

And when the destination of the trip in a tent or camper van is the Amalfi Coast, the pleasure of adventure is enriched with emotions and suggestions linked to a splendid territory, well worth discovering.

This alternative solution to classic hotel or B&b accommodation offers you the chance to stay in enchanting places, literally suspended between the sea and the mountains, at significantly lower rates. You will thus be able to experience the tranquillity of travelling in contact with nature and the glamorous and romantic charm of the Amalfi Coast, moving easily on board the SITA SUD buses or hiring a scooter.

In this article we offer you all the indispensable advice you need to organise your trip to the Amalfi Coast by camper van or tent, including the best solutions for overnight accommodation, whether you are travelling by camper van or decide to sleep in a tent.

The best period to plan a camp site on the Amalfi Coast

Let’s start with this premise: if your ideal trip involves spending the night in a tent or camper van, you are probably one of those people who love tranquillity, silence and contact with nature. In short, if you are one of those travellers who does not choose your travel destination based on how viral it is on social media, but orients your choices based on the emotions that a place can give you, on the quantity of experiences and places you can discover, on the stories and traditions that make those places so special.

In this regard, we have wonderful news for you: the Amalfi Coast is home to an incredible amount of destinations to visit and discover: from beaches to mountain trails, from churches to places of historical interest, you will be spoiled for choice here.

Before you begin to get an idea of the itinerary to build, we would like to suggest the best seasons to organise your camping on the Amalfi Coast.

As you know, almost all the towns from Vietri to Positano are taken by assault during the summer months: the flow of tourists peaks in July and August, and weekends, from late spring to early autumn, are also particularly chaotic.

What happens during the summer? Because of the greater inflow of buses and vehicles, our winding State Road 163 Amalfitana easily becomes hostage to congested traffic and traffic jams: circulation becomes more difficult, especially for those who, unaccustomed to the difficulty of the very narrow road, find themselves facing it at its most critical time.

Even travelling by bus is more difficult, due to the greater number of commuters travelling from one country to another: buses often reach their stops so full that they cannot accommodate other travellers, who are thus forced to wait for the next bus.

Add to this inconvenience the fact that the beaches and all the most famous attractions, restaurants and central venues are very crowded.

If you think that all this hustle and bustle could compromise the success of your trip, we advise you to move to the spring or autumn months, when the flow of tourists is considerably lower and you can enjoy the streets, panoramas, and venues of the Amalfi Coast without having to wade through the crowds.

Remember that both the spring and autumn months are quite warm and allow for camping. Until October, you will also be able to go to the sea without finding crowded beaches and sunbeds so densely arranged that they seem to be glued together.

If you can, avoid travelling at weekends, which, especially with the arrival of fine weather, is always the most crowded time of the week.

The best solutions for sleeping in a tent on the Amalfi Coast

The first thing you need to know, if you are looking for the perfect place for your camp site on the Amalfi Coast, is that you won’t find solutions in very central areas. Whether you are travelling in a camper van or you decide to sleep in a tent, all the camp sites are located a little further inland or away from the centre.

The solutions we will propose in the following paragraphs almost all have three major advantages: they are equipped with a swimming pool or relaxation area, they have a restaurant serving typical cuisine and they are (almost all) close to the Sita bus stop, so that you can travel easily and with little stress.

In this regard, if you would like more information on getting around the Amalfi Coast, we recommend downloading our free guide “How to get around the Amalfi Coast without stress”: inside you will find all the tips for getting to the Amalfi Coast and for moving between the individual towns. In addition, we have added a special bonus dedicated to parking for cars and motorbikes on the Amalfi Coast.

Cetara Camping: the campsite 300 metres from the beach

A camping area equipped with furnished tents, toilets and showers. All in a central position, with a splendid view over the village of Cetara and not far from the village. 300 metres away is the picturesque Lannio beach, 350 metres away is the Tuoro Vecchio beach and the iconic Cetara beach.

The property also features a terrace and a garden embellished with fragrant lemon trees.

An excellent Italian or vegetarian breakfast is served in the morning.

Cannaverde Amalfi Coast Camp: the comfortable campsite

If you are new to tenting or simply looking for a solution that combines the pleasure of a green experience with the comfort of a romantic holiday, Cannaverde Amalfi Coast Camp may be the perfect solution for you.

This agricamping is located along the provincial road, about twenty minutes from Maiori.

Here you will spend the night in a breathtaking setting, surrounded by lemons, olives and vines: you will be able to observe at close quarters the ancient techniques used to build the dry-stone walls, declared a Unesco World Heritage Site for their importance in guaranteeing the stability of our territory. You will be able to walk through an authentic terraced lemon grove, as well as observe the precious cultivation techniques of our sfusato amalfitano.

The facility has sea-view tents of 70 and 130 square metres. The tents, in addition to being equipped with comfortable water foam mattresses, soft pillows, and a quilt, have a private bathroom. Each terrace on which the tents are located has a comfortable hammock. Finally, if all this is not enough, there is a swimming pool set among the rocks with a hydro-massage seat.

Cannaverde Amalfi Coast Camp is equipped with parking and is just a few metres from the SITA SUD bus stop, for easy access to nearby Maiori and other Amalfi Coast destinations.

Bella Baia Glamping: the glamorous campsite

These panoramic terraces, not far from Maiori, host 25, 20 and 15 square metre tents, furnished and equipped with all comforts: bed with linen, indoor and outdoor electricity, barbecue, outdoor shower, hammock, sun loungers, table with benches, kitchenette with mini fridge, sink and private access to the sea.

The bathrooms are not far from the individual tents and are shared.

The facility has car and motorbike parking for a fee.

Bellabaia Glamping also provides an area for those who wish to pitch their own tent in the shade of the lemon pergolas, with a breathtaking view of the sea of the Amalfi Coast.

The pitches are 5/8 metres apart to guarantee comfort and privacy for all guests. They are also equipped with electricity and lighting connections.

The tents and the camping area are part of an authentic Amalfi Coast farm: if you decide to spend the night here, you will sleep in a lemon grove where, with commitment and respect for tradition and the environment, the Costa d’Amalfi I.G.P lemon and Costa d’Amalfi d.o.c. vines are grown.

In short, a total immersion in local traditions, but with all the comforts and above all a sea view!

Agriturismo il campanile: camping on the Amalfi Coast in the hills of Minori

Set amidst the gentle hills of Minori, Agriturismo il Campanile is strategically located near the picturesque Sentiero di Limoni, not far from the town centre and the town of Maiori.

To reach the structure, a rustic staircase of about one hundred steps leads from the road, reminiscent of the ancient roads that our ancestors used to take to reach the locality ‘Forcella’, the first settlement of Minori. The centre of Minori is easily reached on foot, via a convenient flight of steps, or by minibus, which reaches the centre in just a few minutes.

There is a large area equipped for pitching tents. If you are travelling without a tent, you can rent one here and we will even help you set up your tent.

If you are travelling with children, there is a play area for the little ones.

In addition, upon request, you can observe up close the techniques of sfusato amalfitano processing or buy local products, such as fruit and vegetables, or honey and preserves prepared personally by the friendly owners. Finally, you can taste delicious local cuisine prepared with the self-produced raw materials.

If you are travelling with your four-legged friend, here you are on the safe side: animals are allowed.

Camping on the Amalfi Coast: the solutions if you are travelling in a camper van

A camp site on the Amalfi Coast promotes slow tourism by discovering the less mainstream side of the resort. Are you ready to buckle up?

The idea of travelling in a camper van is economically viable and accessible because the places can be experienced at 360° without being a slave to the last-minute offers that fill your inbox.

If you are travelling by camper van, you can stay in the beautiful Tramonti , where a new idea of camping has developed in recent years, namely “agricamping”, which is a hybrid between agritourism and camping, with the aim of offering controlled and well-organised areas where you can experience rural life and come into closer contact with the essence of the places.

Even if you have to travel to reach the beach and the places you want to visit, we guarantee that whichever solution you choose, the beauty of the surrounding nature will be your reward. We advise you to book in advance, as places on campsites are limited and often booked well in advance by frequent travellers who return every year.

To stay in the centre, you can opt for the municipalities less beaten by traditional tourist flows, such as the village of Scala, and in the market areas with no services, but still very convenient in summer, when there are no more places in the most popular campsites.

Some campsites are only open in summer, while others, although open, are devoid of services until the beginning of the tourist season. Even if you are an adventure lover, always contact the campsite before you leave, as it may be closed for renovation or adaptation of the sites.

Having said all this, we leave you with the list of the best campsites on the Amalfi Coast. We are sure you will find the solution that best suits your needs among them.

Agricampeggio Mari e Monti

In the heart of Tramonti, in the open countryside, you will find this agricampeggio with perfect solutions, whether you decide to sleep in a tent or in a camper van.

We warn you that you will have to travel by scooter or bus to reach the sea. However, you will have the opportunity to sleep under ancient vineyards, in the peace and silence of nature, far from the chaos that characterises the Amalfi Coast in July and August.

The facility has an equipped area for tents and campers, with lighting, drinking water, electricity connection, toilets and showers, washbasin for dishes and dishes, and wifi.

The campsite is located within an old vineyard: the owners have been producing and bottling wine since the end of the 19th century. So as well as enjoying all the relaxation of contact with nature, you can enjoy unforgettable taste experiences related to the world of wine, such as wine tasting or tours of the cellars and vineyard.

You can also enjoy delicious traditional dishes, prepared with excellent local ingredients, produced by the winery itself.

La Divina Camper Stop

At Tramonti, along the Chiunzi road, you will find this convenient family-run camper van area with 8 pitches with electricity, drinking water and the possibility of opening the awning, a toilet discharge area, and a picnic area with barbecue tables and benches. From here you can reach the areas to be visited by public services about 300 metres away, where there is also a bar and an excellent restaurant.

Camping Area in Sorrento: the solution for visiting the other Coastline as well

In Nerano, not far from Sorrento, you will find Villaggio Nettuno, which has a comfortable equipped area for tents, campers and caravans.

The equipped area is located in a shady area a few steps from the sea and offers free hot cakes, camper service, and a private descent to the beach.

Barbecues and animals, including large ones, are permitted.

This solution can be convenient if, for example, you are staying for several days and want to allow yourself the opportunity to visit both the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento and its surroundings.

If you are travelling by camper van, please note that along the road to Positano/Amalfi there is a ban on caravans and camper vans, so you will have to travel by bus to reach the other towns on the Coast. Fear not: Sorrento is well connected to both Positano and Amalfi.

Moreover, from here you can easily reach not only the city of Naples, but also Capri and Ischia.

Book the perfect accommodation for your unforgettable journey!