Agriturismo on the Amalfi Coast: why choose a holiday in the countryside

Are you thinking of a relaxing holiday on the Amalfi Coast?

If you are a nature lover, staying in a holiday farm on the Amalfi Coast will allow you to appreciate the beauty of the landscape of the most rural areas of our territory, discovering the truest values and the bond that man has always had with the land.

In recent years, we have witnessed a rediscovery of ‘slow’ travel, i.e. that mode of travel that focuses on the experience of being in contact with the land, especially in rural areas, where the classic farmer has slowly been transformed into hotelier and small businessman.

A virtuous circle has also taken hold on the Amalfi Coast, with the recovery of ruins and areas that would otherwise have been forgotten, which have been transformed into splendid agritourisms, where it is possible to rediscover the beauty of ancient traditions, of professions on the verge of extinction, and of indigenous raw materials recovered, rediscovered, and cultivated using traditional methods that respect the environment and the land.

If you are looking for a holiday farm on the Amalfi Coast, in this article you will find the best accommodation facilities for a slow holiday, far from the chaos of the more touristy areas and completely immersed in nature.

Ideal if you are travelling with your family and your four-legged friend!

Agritourism on the Amalfi Coast: which are the best areas

If the reasons that lead tourists to choose a holiday on the Amalfi Coast include being close to strategic points, immersed in the peaceful green countryside, choosing a holiday farm on the Amalfi Coast will make it even more strategic, because here you will see that the countryside and the sea form a single element.

The areas where the most beautiful Amalfi Coast agritourisms are concentrated are those of Agerola (near the Sentiero degli Dei), Tramonti, Conca dei Marini and Vietri sul Mare, but it is not uncommon to find rural pearls of discreet beauty moving inland, a few kilometres from the Amalfi Coast.

The farmhouses, which until a few decades ago housed numerous families, have been renovated; in the kitchens, from which a delicious aroma of good things emanates, there is never a break to bring to the table all the dishes offered by the land. Vegetables, fruit, bread, wine, cheese and dairy products are the key ingredients.

The agritourism should not be seen as an abandoned farmhouse in the countryside, there are many activities that are carried out within it, from educational farms to excursions to the nature reserves of which the Amalfi Coast is rich.

Green tourism goes well with blue tourism, for the best accommodation offer in the area. Inside the rooms there are all the most modern comforts, from the private bathroom to the television, including Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

In addition to these basic services, there are other complementary ones that reveal the unprecedented face of the Amalfi Coast: modern facilities often offer cooking classes, guided tours of centuries-old vineyards, tastings of fine wines and typical products, as well as the possibility of easily reaching splendid trekking routes or climbing walls.

In the past, the inhabitants of the area used to move to the marinas in summer to fish, while in winter they took refuge within the warm walls of their ruins, leaving behind traditions, stories and legends.

Many of these are hidden in the paths of Furore, the locality famous for its northern fjord in the middle of the Mediterranean. Unforgettable moments await you at the agritourism, along with tables laid from breakfast onwards. When you return home, in your suitcase, you will rediscover some of those scents, a bouquet of indelible memories.

Agritourism holiday in Minori: the sea at the heart of the countryside

The agritourism on the Amalfi Coast has brought the sea to the centre of the countryside. From the hills of Minori, in fact, the sea is framed by orange blossoms, and on windy days the salty air invades the buildings. The terraces, cultivated according to techniques handed down from generation to generation, contribute to a unique landscape and to be part of it is a unique emotion.

Here, in the picturesque village of Torre, close to the Sentiero dei Limoni (Lemon Path), you will find the splendid ‘Take Amalfi Coast – Patchwork rural house’, a structure within a garden planted with lemon trees, with a splendid terrace offering a breathtaking view of the sea.

Although in contact with nature and far from the chaos that characterises the Amalfi Coast during the high season, this property is only a few minutes’ walk from the centre of Minori and the beach and also offers the possibility of secure parking for a fee.

Good news if you are travelling with your dog: the friendly owners accept pets!

Agriturismo in the oldest village on the Amalfi Coast

If you are looking for an agritourism on the Amalfi Coast that allows you to get in touch with its most rural and authentic side, consider the village of Scala, the oldest village on the Amalfi Coast.

Scala has many treasures to discover, linked to its glorious past: the squares of its quarters – Vescovado, Minuta, Pontone, Campidoglio, Campoleone (also known as S. Pietro) and Santa Caterina – are veritable jewels of art set among the mountains of Gragnano, Agerola and Ravello. This is the starting point for some marvellous paths to be followed slowly and quietly, to discover secret and uncontaminated corners.

In this evocative setting, where time seems to stand still, you will find the Acquabona holiday farm, located in an enchanting, quiet and peaceful position, surrounded by greenery and with a beautiful view.

The agriturismo can be reached by taking a few steps from the SS373 road, but it is very close to the Sita bus stop and has a car park close to the road.

The property also has a delightful restaurant offering delicious dishes made with fresh local ingredients.

If you want to find out more about this destination, read our article on the village of Scala.

Agritourism in Ravello

Ravello is enchanting for its villas, for the panoramic terraces from which one can embrace the whole of the Amalfi Coast and for the elegance that one breathes when walking along its narrow streets and stairways.

If you reach it in summer, you will certainly not want to miss at least one event in the rich programme of the Ravello Festival. If you reach it in autumn, you will certainly be amazed walking among ancient palaces and commemorative plaques of the many intellectuals and artists who over the centuries chose it as their travel destination.

In any case, here you will never be immersed in the crowds of travellers that populate and animate other places like Amalfi and Positano, but you will stroll peacefully and relax, enjoying the view of the Coast from above.

If we have intrigued you and you would like to know more about the City of Music, we invite you to read our article on Ravello.

In this suggestive location, you will find the agriturismo Monte Brusara.

This farmhouse is located in a position that offers a marvellous view of Ravello and the Amalfi Coast, at the centre of the most beautiful paths of the Amalfi Coast: the Valle delle Ferriere and Santa Maria dei Monti are just some of the enchanting walks you can enjoy.

The agriturismo offers the opportunity to participate in the cultivation and harvesting of fruit and vegetables, the production of wine, jams and delicious cakes.

Stay in the green in Vietri sul Mare

In Dragonea, a hamlet of Vietri sul Mare, just two kilometres from the centre of the village and ten minutes from the beach of Santa Teresa, you will find Casa Fasano Amalfi Coast, a delightful country house overlooking the surrounding rolling hills.

The property has a panoramic terrace and a garden with fruit trees.

Vietri sul Mare is the ideal destination if you want to stay in a central location, between the Amalfi Coast and the nearby Salerno and Cava de’ Tirreni, just a few kilometres away. Consider it if you want to visit the Luci d’Artista during the Christmas period, but also if you want to enjoy the Amalfi Coast during the day and a wide choice of clubs and discos at night.

Please note that the structure is very close to the bus stop for reaching the centre of Vietri and the other towns on the Amalfi Coast.

Agriturismo on the Amalfi Coast, hidden in Furore

Famous for its suggestive fjord, which seems to have come straight out of a Nordic fairy tale, Furore is certainly one of the most sought-after destinations on the Amalfi Coast. However, the village is not just limited to the area around the fjord, but spreads out like a bush, dispersing itself among the vegetation. For this reason, Furore has earned the charming appellation, also a fairy-tale one, of ‘Paese che non c’è’ (the village that is not there), since there is in fact no real inhabited centre, but a series of small inhabited and agricultural centres, which seem to cling to the rock, suspended almost over the sea and time.

In this enchanting location, where you can breathe tranquillity and suggestions of distant times, you will find  Sant’Alfonso farmhouse, a small oasis of peace and magic.

The facility is about two kilometres from Furore and less than 1 kilometre from the beach at Marina di Praia. It has rooms, some of which have a view, cosy and equipped with all comforts. You can also enjoy the solarium terrace, free sauna and swimming pool.

Close to rock climbing facilities, the Sant’Alfonso Agriturismo has staff who can organise wonderful excursions, and will also be happy to provide you with discounts at a nearby wellness centre.

Staying near the the Path of Gods

If you are looking for an easy way to reach the Sentiero degli Dei, we recommend the ‘Rifugio degli Dei’ Country House.

This family-run establishment is located just 4 km from Agerola, in a location that offers panoramic views of the Amalfi Coast and a restaurant serving organic cuisine reserved for guests.

The property is a 5-minute walk from San Lazzaro’s central square and close to Conca dei Marini Bay and the Sentiero degli Dei hiking trail, which connects Agerola to Positano.

The buffet breakfast includes organic and local ingredients, fresh fruit, baked goods and cereals, which can also be enjoyed in the garden overlooking the sea on fine weather.

The Nido degli dei has its own car park and is not far from the bus stop, making it easy to reach other locations along the Amalfi Coast.

If you want to better organise your excursion on the Sentiero degli Dei (The Path of Gods), we invite you to read our article, where you will find lots of information and curiosities about the most popular excursion on the Amalfi Coast!

Agriturismo in Tramonti, in the green lung of the Amalfi Coast

If you want to discover the most rural and authentic side of the Amalfi Coast, we recommend staying at the lush, green Tramonti. Here you can discover so much about the ancient local traditions. For example, you will discover that there is a very old tradition concerning the local pizza, very different from the Neapolitan one, or that there is a wonderful world of centuries-old vineyards and passionate farmers who cultivate unique indigenous grapes, producing equally fine wines.

If we have intrigued you, your agriturismo on the Amalfi Coast could be “La casa in vigna”, a true oasis of peace immersed in the green of the local vineyards.

Here you will sleep peacefully in the silence of nature, in the morning you will be gently awoken by a delicious breakfast prepared with local products, and you can relax in the garden.

In addition, you can taste or buy organic wines produced on the farm.

Why choose an agritourism on the Amalfi Coast?

The answer is very simple: the area is small, you can move around easily and, in this way, you can combine the typical relaxation of a country holiday with a trip to an essentially seaside location like the Amalfi Coast.

Please note that you can easily get around using the SITA SUD service or the Travelmar sea service, which generally operates from April until the beginning of November.

If you are looking for more information on how to get around the Amalfi Coast, we suggest you download our free guide “How to get around the Amalfi Coast without stress”. Inside, you will find lots of useful information on how to get around by car or public transport and a list of car and motorbike parking spaces.

The area also boasts many culinary specialities, often described in our blog, which deserve to be experienced intensely, returning to that almost romantic and passionate contact with the land that has given life to a unique territory, not only in its geographical conformation, but in its very essence.

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