A day in Capri from the Amalfi Coast

Among the most frequently asked questions by travellers who decide to spend more than three days on the Amalfi Coast is: “Would I like to spend a day out. Where do you recommend I go?”.

One of the first answers that comes to mind is definitely the island of Capri.

This is because, in addition to the possibility of visiting one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean, the small size of the island will allow you an in-depth visit, touching on the most important points of interest, without stressing yourself out too much.

Secondly, the fact that you only have to reach your destination by sea will give you the unique thrill of enjoying a breathtaking panorama all along the way.

In short, what we are proposing is a day of relaxation and discovery, possibly without rushing the pace too much, without sweating and giving yourself the right breaks, in the name of our travel philosophy, which does not rush towards destinations, but prefers the beauty and slowness of the route.

We would like to remind you that in addition to the possibility of travelling independently, thanks to the many companies equipped with chauffeur-driven boats, you can also reach Capri by ferry from the Amalfi Coast.

If you’ve decided to spend a day out on the Amalfi Coast, Capri is the perfect solution, especially if you’re travelling with children and looking for a destination you can reach in a reasonable amount of time and without stress.

In this article you’ll find all the information you need to organise your day trip to Capri, starting from the Amalfi Coast.

The transport links from Maiori, Amalfi and Positano to Capri

First thing’s first: the ferry service from Maiori, Amalfi and Positano operates from spring, generally from April.

Before leaving, we always advise you to check that departures are confirmed, especially in case of uncertain weather, as it can happen, in early spring or late summer, that weather conditions do not allow ships to depart safely.

To reach Capri from the Amalfi Coast you can decide to leave from Maiori, Amalfi or Positano.

For the return journey the same applies: you can decide to reach Maiori, Amalfi or Positano, leaving from Capri,

Generally departures are early in the morning, usually between 9 and 10 am; return is always around 4.30/5 pm.

Please note that the times given in this article are indicative and may vary from year to year: always check the companies’ websites for the correct times.

The price of the ticket, as far as the outward journey is concerned, varies depending on the company chosen between 20 and 23 euros. Bundles are often available that provide a good margin of savings by purchasing the outward and return journey in one go.

Explore the blue island: ensure your ticket to Capri!

What is the ideal season for your trip to Capri?

A straw hat and bag, Positano fashion sandals and a desire to enjoy the sea: when we think of Capri, summer, the sea and social life come to mind above all.

However, the island of Capri has so much to offer in every season of the year.

The best time of year, for those who plan to visit and explore the island, is undoubtedly spring: the time of year when the vegetation is at its most beautiful: the streets are scented with jasmine and orange blossom, not to mention that the mild climate and fewer visitors certainly make walking around the streets a pleasure, especially in the presence of small children.

Summer, of course, is the perfect season, if you are looking for a trip out of town with a more glamorous and worldly flavour: during the summer you can also decide to treat yourself to a stop at the beach, and then enjoy an afternoon aperitif in the crowded piazzetta or a stroll along Via Camerelle.

What to see and what places to visit on Capri

Once on the Isola Azzurra, there are many things to see and places to visit.

First and foremost, the world-famous Faraglioni, the three large rocky masses, Saetta, Stella and Scopolo, which lie just off the coast and can be reached by boat.

A visit to the Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto), whose name, as you might guess, is due to the colour of its waters, is not to be missed. In order to admire it, it is necessary to use one of the many boats prepared for the tour.

The peculiarity of this grotto is that you enter it by practically lying on a rowing boat, as the entrance opening is just under a metre high. Once inside, one is amazed by the spectacle of the azure blue water,

You can avoid the long queues at the entrance, so if you are travelling in spring, we recommend you take advantage of it.

Please note that it is very unlikely to visit the Blue Grotto in very strong winds or rough seas and that the cave is almost never accessible from November to March.

One experience to be had once on the island is definitely climbing to the 589-metre peak of Monte Solaro to admire Capri from above: a breathtaking view that shows the azure island in all its proverbial beauty.

The peak can be reached in two ways: by taking the cable car that leaves from Piazza Vittoria and reaches the summit in just twelve minutes, or on foot, taking the path that starts from Piazza della Pace in Anacapri (behind the cemetery) and is obviously all uphill, but well-marked and fairly easy.

Also characteristic and fascinating is Villa Jovis, the home of the Emperor Tiberius, who fell in love with Capri and decided to move there for private life, having as many as 12 villas built!

From here you can also admire the beautiful nearby islands of Ischia and Procida.

Please note that, should you decide to visit Villa Jovis, the road to reach it is an uphill one: the walk, starting from the piazzetta, takes about 45 minutes.

For this reason, we advise you to optimise your walk: on the way back from the Villa, make a diversion and reach the nearby Astarita Park; the park is not very well known, but if you reach the last terrace, you will find a breathtaking spectacle before your eyes.

We should add that entry to the park is free: why not take advantage of it?

Last but not least, we cannot fail to mention the social heart of Capri, Piazza Umberto I, the so-called “piazzetta”. It is precisely from here that you can enjoy moments of relaxation and fun, as well as the main streets of the town with which to move around and enjoy the Isola Azzurra.

We hope we have provided you with all the information you need to organise your day in Capri and we invite you to tell us about your experience by sharing your snaps on our Instagram profile!

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