Where to park on the Amalfi Coast

The number of times we have had to answer the question: “Where can I park on the Amalfi Coast?” cannot be counted.

We have always come up with this answer, which we use as a premise at the beginning of this article: “Those who manage to find parking on the Amalfi Coast, especially at certain times of the year, can consider themselves truly lucky!”

The Amalfi Coast, due to the conformation of the territory and the characteristics of its enchanting villages, is not an easy destination for those who decide to travel by car.

This is why, in general, we always recommend you consider travelling by public transport, especially if you are travelling in high season.

Since March, services by sea have also been active, making it possible to travel from Salerno to the Coast (and vice versa) without excessive effort and without the risk of traffic jams along the road.

However, we understand the needs of those who need to travel by their own vehicles: those travelling with children or in groups may find a car the ideal solution for reaching their destination.

Let’s add to the list those who, more adventurous, decide to travel by motorbike to enjoy the beauty of the Coast on their skin.

Whether you belong to the first category or the second, if you are looking for information about parking on the Coast, read this article carefully, because you will find all the most convenient car parks in Amalfi, Ravello, Maiori, Minori and Vietri sul Mare, with some useful tips to avoid nasty surprises!

Where to park to visit Amalfi?

At the entrance to the town is the Luna Rossa car park. A recently built structure, dug into the rock on the border with the small, picturesque town of Atrani, it is a parking area for hundreds of cars. The cost of parking varies from 3 to 5 Euro depending on the time of year.

From the car park it is possible to reach Piazza Municipio in Amalfi through the tunnel. From the Luna Rossa car park you can also reach the enchanting village of Atrani in a few minutes.

Tourists and visitors going to the leading town on the Amalfi Coast can also park their cars and motorbikes in the central Piazza Flavio Gioia, in the heart of the town.

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Where to park in Maiori

In the town of Maiori, you will find a small car park on the seafront.

Other parking spaces are along the road that runs along the seafront: you can recognise them by the blue lines. You can pay at the parking bollards: you will be asked to enter the parking time and the number plate.

Here again costs vary depending on the time of year, but are on average lower than in Amalfi. If you cannot find parking in the areas we have indicated, don’t worry!

You can turn to the ‘La Grotta’ car park, located before the traffic lights, along the Amalfi state road 163, in the direction of Minori.

It may be useful to park here even if your destination is nearby Minori: it takes about ten minutes to walk there. We highly recommend it if your travel period coincides with the months of July and August: the town of Minori is less well served in terms of parking and you may find yourself going round in circles for quite a while before you can stop your car.

The La Grotta car park, in this sense, is strategic: a short walk will save you precious time!

A second private car park is the Mandara car park, a few metres from Corso Reginna and the seafront. It is a guarded car park with covered and uncovered parking spaces open all year round with a 24-hour video surveillance system.

To park motorbikes and scooters, parking is available on the seafront or behind the Cocktail Bar Matineé, visible on the right as you drive along the Amalfi State Road in the direction of Minori. Alternatively, you can park your motorbike or scooter in one of the private car parks just mentioned.

If you want to stop in Minori

If you have decided to stop in Minori, perhaps for a tasteful stop at the Maestro Sal De Riso’s famous patisserie or to visit the Villa Romana, the first car park you will find is right on the seafront, not far from the patisserie.

Here too, as in Maiori, you pay at the special columns, according to the time you stay. Rates vary, but generally do not exceed 3 Euro per hour in high season.

Other parking spaces are available along Via Nazionale, in the blue stripes along the seafront or in Largo Tommaso Brandolini, where there are also a few places to leave your motorbike or scooter.

Unfortunately, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are not many parking spaces.

As an alternative, we recommend Della Mura car park. From the seafront in Minori you can reach it by continuing along Via Nazionale. Before the crossroads for Amalfi, turn right and you enter the town. Continue along Via Vittorio Emanuele and turn left at the crossroads.

Where to park in Ravello

Of all the towns on the Amalfi Coast, Ravello is probably the one that offers the most possibilities for parking cars and motorbikes. Apart from this, here the invasion of tourists is less copious: the flow is constant all year round, but it is quite easy to find the desired place to leave your vehicle.

The first car park we would like to recommend is the barred car park in Piazza Duomo: it has a capacity of 140 spaces. This is the most central car park: from here, it takes only 13 minutes to walk to Villa Cimbrone with its Infinity Terrace, 3 minutes to visit the Duomo and Villa Rufolo.

Second option, the Oscar Niemeyer car park: this can be accessed from Via Orso Papice. If you need to leave your car for longer, you can use the Il Ponte car park, a little further from the centre, but useful for those staying in accommodation facilities without private parking. In fact, this car park has a daily rate, which is certainly cheaper than the hourly rate.

The car park, located in Via Sant’Alfonso Maria Dè Liguori 14, along the crossroads for Scala, offers a shuttle service to the centre of Ravello.

If you are travelling by motorbike, you can use the dedicated parking spaces in Piazza Duomo or Via della Repubblica.

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Where to park in Vietri sul Mare

If your destination is Vietri sul Mare, we have good news for you!

Vietri sul Mare is the town on the Amalfi Coast where parking is cheaper!

The first car park is very central: next to Corso Umberto, there is a small car park with a bar. There are not many parking spaces, but there are other parking spaces with blue stripes in the streets parallel to the Corso.

You will also find parking spaces for cars and motorbikes in Marina di Vietri.

A few recommendations for parking on the Amalfi Coast

  • We advise against venturing to Furore and Positano, especially by car, in high season.
  • If you want to reach the Fiordo di Furore, avoid leaving your motorbike along the road: the risk of penalties is always lurking.
  • The advice we can give you is to park at the Castellana Parking, in Via Marina di Praia. The Fiordo di Furore is about 2 km away.
  • Always be sure to park inside the blue lines.
  • Please note that the white lines are usually reserved for residents.
  • Avoid leaving cars or motorbikes in places that are not marked with white or blue lines, as you may incur sanctions.
  • Remember that some towns have restricted traffic zones: always pay attention to access and prohibition times.

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