Amalfi Coast: Parasailing flight adventure

15 minutes
From € 79.00 per person

Don’t miss out on this experience if:

✅ You are looking for an exciting and out-of-the-ordinary adventure.
✅ You want to experience the Amalfi Coast from a unique and breathtaking perspective.
✅ You are not afraid of heights and love adrenaline challenges.
✅ Are you looking for an activity to share with friends or your other half

We know that the Amalfi Coast, in the travellers’ mind, is linked to 3 main things: the sea, the peacefulness, the beautiful landscape.

Yes, a boat trip is enjoyable, just like a canoe or dinghy excursion, but perhaps you are looking for that extra bit of adrenaline, that thing that will thrill you and leave you with a truly indelible memory.

You have, therefore, just found the thing that will make you say: ‘I’ll book it now!’.

With this parasailing experience, you will fly attached to a parachute over the Amalfi Coast, taking off from a boat: a breathtaking adventure that combines the thrill of flying with the beauty of breathtaking landscapes, which you will admire from a decidedly different perspective!

What can you expect from this experience?

You will leave from Amalfi, where you will board a boat with up to 10 other people. 

After a short safety briefing, your adventure will begin and you will soon feel your adrenaline rush as you will be lifted into the air and set free into the sky, strapped into a colourful parachute.

You will enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the Amalfi Coast, admiring its rugged coastline, picturesque villages, and the crystal-clear waters that wash the shoreline.

You can choose to experience the adventure alone or with a friend or family member in tandem mode, for an even more thrilling experience. 

In our opinion, as a couple, with your other half, it is truly an unforgettable experience!

📍 How to reach the starting point

To set off on your adventure you need to reach Amalfi.
You can do this easily, either by Travelmar ferries or by Sita Sud buses.

Ferries leave from Salerno's ‘Molo Concordia’ about every hour and stop at Vietri sul Mare, Cetara, Maiori and Minori.
You can buy tickets at the special kiosks set up at the boarding points or on the company website, where you can also check the timetable accurately.
Always check the actual availability of journeys, as they may be suspended due to wind or expected bad weather.

If you travel on board the SITA SUD buses, you can count on a run every hour or so: buses leave from Amalfi and Salerno and stop in all the towns along the coast.
Beware of holidays, as the number of journeys is reduced by half in some time slots.

If you decide to reach the town of Amalfi by car, you can park at the Luna Rossa car park.

Check the availability of parking spaces, using the app developed by the municipality: just type into Google: ‘Info Park Amalfi’ and you will be able to check in real time how many parking spaces are available in each car park in Amalfi!

If you are looking for unique emotions, this paragliding flight is really a must!




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