Li Galli: a paradise a stone’s throw from Positano and Capri

Li Galli ( The Coocks, also called “The Sirenusas) are tiny archipelago of little islands between Capri and Positano, one of the most evocative places not only in Campania, but in the all of the Mediterranean.

Three islands constitute the archipelago, Gallo Lungo, La Rotonda and La Castelluccia, and together they make up an extremely picturesque protected marine area. Old toponymy has it that the three-island archipelago was called Le Sireneuse, because, according to an ancient legend, it was inhabited by beautiful sirens, who managed to bewitch passing sailors with their singing, with an obvious reference to Ulysses’ voyage.

A place almost untouched

The Li Galli archipelago is perhaps one of the very few places in the Mediterranean to be almost completely virgin. It was rediscovered in the 1920s, when it was still covered by a few Roman ruins.

Even today, despite its tourist attractiveness, human intervention has been minimal, with buildings nevertheless well integrated in the context of an almost pristine nature.

A decidedly exclusive place, which unfortunately (or fortunately!) is not within the reach of all tourists.

How to reach the Li Galli islands

Li Galli archipelago

Li Galli is currently in private ownership, having belonged in the last century to two very famous Russian ballet dancers, among whom many of our readers will certainly remember Rudolf Nureyev.

The island can be reached either by rented rubber dinghy (it is only a few kilometres from Positano), or by private boat, with many companies in the area offering daily excursions that leave right from Positano.

In this regard, we recommend our guide with many tips for organising an unforgettable day on the boat.

The possibility of exclusive dinners

Although it is a protected area, the Li Galli archipelago is still able to offer excellent accommodation, designed to offer an exclusive dinner. It is simply enchanting and incredibly romantic, especially for couples looking for a special place for a celebration to remember

A place to rest your mind and soul

Li Galli islands

In addition, it would not be correct to speak only of an exclusive location in reference to the Li Galli Islands. We are indeed in front of a place where it is possible to get in touch with a peculiar nature and above all to find the right balance to rest mind, heart and soul. A combination of nature, yet only a few steps away from one of the most ancient inhabited places on our peninsula, where you can rediscover a contact with the nature of the sea that is difficult to find elsewhere.

The island offers a decidedly unique setting for those who wish to travel even just a few kilometres away, for a day without commitment, without worries and with only the peace that this place manages to transmit in mind.

Possibility of private parties

Many of the residences on the island can also be rented for private parties, receptions or special occasions involving several people. These are possibilities that can be negotiated with many of the event agencies present in Positano.

From Li Galli an indescribable panorama

We would love to describe to you the splendid view of the seaside village of Positano and the Faraglioni of Capri that can be had from any of the three islands that form the Li Galli archipelago.

One photo, however, would not be enough: our advice is, when you find yourself on the Amalfi Coast, to pay a visit. It certainly deserves one of the days that you have decided to dedicate to this splendid corner of Italy that, from this portal, we try to tell you about with love and passion.