Heavenly Pastries on the Amalfi Coast: Your Ultimate Guide for Sweet Delights

Pastries on the Amalfi Coast

Pastry production on the Amalfi Coast is of a high standard and all the businesses dedicated to this art will delight and rarely leave you disappointed. The first piece of advice would be to try them all, but this is hard to do if you are only staying on the Amalfi Coast for a few days.

That is why, below, we will propose a selection of pastry shops and suggest what we consider to be the unmissable speciality.

We provide you with some general information, however, so that you can be more aware when choosing your taste itinerary. As you know, the main product of our gastronomy is sfusato amalfitano: its characteristics, unmistakable aroma and pleasantness to the palate make it a perfect ally in the preparation of sweet and savoury dishes.

From this premise, you will already have understood where we are going with this: if you want to taste something that tells the story of our land, start with desserts that have sfusato amalfitano as the protagonist.

We would also like to point out the presence of a delicacy that you will probably only taste on the Amalfi Coast: the sfogliatella Santa Rosa. Further on you will find more information on where to go to taste it.

Special mention for granitas, sorbets and ice creams: they are of good quality practically everywhere, but if you really want a personal insider’s tip, read the whole article and set out to discover the unmissable desserts of the Amalfi Coast.

Sfogliatella Santa Rosa and Lemon sweets: the must-haves of pastries on the Amalfi Coast

Let’s start in Amalfi, from the oldest pastry shop on the Amalfi Coast: Pasticceria Pansa, which for five generations has enriched one of the most beautiful squares in the world with flavours and fragrances. Pasticceria Pansa is one of Italy’s historic pastry shops, famous for the great quality of its raw materials and traditional Campania and Amalfi pastries.

Already the location, for the atmosphere of times gone by that it evokes and the position in Piazza Duomo, right at the foot of the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea, is worth a visit. We have tasted almost all their desserts: the choice is difficult, but of all of them, the first we recommend is the typical ‘Santa Rosa’ sfogliatella.

It was, in fact, Pasticceria Pansa that, a few years ago, decided to engage in research and study to make the authentic Sfogliatella Santa Rosa, which, according to tradition, was invented in Conca dei Marini, at the Santa Rosa monastery, from which it takes its name.

Alternatively, we recommend the lemon desserts, made using their own sfusato amalfitano: special mention for the delicate Delizia al Limone (Lemon Delight) and the artisanal chocolate oranges and lemons peel, the true refinement of the pastry.

The latter, being convenient to carry, are also a pleasant and tasty gift to take to friends and relatives when they return home.

A break in Minori from Maestro Sal De Riso

Photo from Pasticceria Sal De Riso – Minori Facebook profile.

Between Minori and Tramonti is split the activity of Salvatore De Riso, the star of pastry-making not only on the coast but now internationally.

The master pastry chef continues to experiment with new products and quality raw materials that combine tradition with a continuous search for novelty. His specialities, such as the ‘ricotta and pear’ cake, the ‘Asia’ and ‘Anastasia’ chocolate mousses, and his incredible pastries from which Panettone and Easter cakes of unquestionable goodness are born, are now very famous.

It is difficult to recommend anything in particular: the choice is truly arduous and depends largely on taste.

Wanting to stick to sweets closer to the Campania and local traditions, we would mention the “Soffiato di Pastiera”: a fresher, lighter evolution of the traditional Neapolitan pastiera, the star of the Easter season, made with cooked wheat, fresh ricotta, candied fruit and citrus peel from the Amalfi Coast.

The second recommendation is definitely the millefeuille di melanzane con la cioccolata (aubergine millefeuille with chocolate): a homage to the typical Maiori dessert, made with fried aubergines glazed with chocolate scented with ‘Concerto di erbe‘ (herb concert liquor).

And if you are looking for something to take home, the bakery offers fresh pastries that can easily withstand a 3-4 hour journey, as well as the famous leavened pastries, winners of numerous awards.

Aubergines with chocolate and “Lemon sighs”: Maiori’s pastries

If you are looking for something special, the pastry shops of Maiori are definitely worth a visit, especially because they stock unique specialities such as ‘sighs’ and ‘aubergines with chocolate‘ , the latter at specific times of the year or on request.

In this regard, we recommend the historic Pasticceria Trieste on Corso Reginna: here you can taste its delicious Sospiri al Limone (Lemon Sighs): a delicate encounter between a soft sponge cake and icing flavoured with sfusato amalfitano.

Another dessert not to be missed, if you stop by Pasticceria Trieste, are the so-called ‘Pastarelle’: almond cakes flavoured with concert liqueur, lemon and orange peel, candied fruit and lemon flavouring.

If your stop for sweetness happens at breakfast time, we recommend the charming Pasticceria Napoli, which offers a wide selection of traditional Campanian and Italian cakes and pastries, including the excellent Roman cake.

Sweet stop in Positano

Moving on to Positano, in the heart of the picturesque town, you will find La Zagara, where you can enjoy some of the best Campania specialities in the characteristic setting of their garden, a quiet corner in the busy Via dei Mulini. All you have to do is dive into this sea of pleasures to complete your multi-sensory, gourmet experience on the Amalfi Coast.

We recommend the lemon delight and the homemade iced tea.

This could be a great stop for breakfast: starting the day with a coffee overlooking the sea is the best way to begin a day of exploration.

Short tour of lemon granitas

In this article dedicated to sweetness, a short tour of the tastiest lemon granitas on the Amalfi Coast is a definite must!

It is generally difficult to find granitas and sorbets that are not delicious. When we go out of the area, we rarely ask for a lemon granita, because we know it would not meet our expectations.

If you want to understand why this is so, when you are on the Amalfi Coast, try a lemon granita. If it is one of the ones we mention, all the better, but we assure you that, in any case, lemon granita will become one of the things you decide to eat throughout your stay on the Amalfi Coast, whenever you get the chance!

Let’s start in Amalfi for the first tip: A’ Sciulia, owned by the Laudano brothers, handcrafts lemon granitas and sorbets using only lemons from their own terraces.

In Minori, we recommend the granita of the Mansi bar, located along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, a few metres from the seafront. Also excellent is the granita from the Bar Patrizia kiosk, right on the seafront, near the small football pitch on the promenade.

​📣​ Dulcis in fundo, Mr Antonio’s van.

If, on summer evenings, you are strolling leisurely along and catch a glimpse of an Apecar parked along the road and see a group of people forming, that’s him! Mr Antonio’s granita is special because it has the smooth consistency of a sorbet.

The secret lies in the way it is prepared: the mixture, made up of water, sugar, juice and lemon peel, is placed in steel cylinders, which are then inserted into a structure containing ice and salt: the temperature is perfect for obtaining an unforgettable texture and taste.

Mr Antonio’s granita can also be found on the Valico di Chiunzi, from spring until early autumn: the ideal stop if you are leaving and want to enjoy the last granita before going home!