How to choose the stops on your Amalfi Coast tour: start here to organise your trip!

Choosing the stopovers of an Amalfi Coast tour can put the traveller with special needs and expectations in crisis, or the one who, not knowing the places, distances and tourist offer, wanders for days and days on the web, looking for information to organise their trip.

It usually ends with the planning of the most important stages and the typical phrase: ‘Then we decide on the site’.

To help guide you in your choice, we have decided to write this article in which we will provide you with all the basic information you need to decide which places to visit and where to stay overnight.

We will, of course, try to go through some of the most frequent cases and go into more detail as we go along.

Where possible, we will leave links to other in-depth articles.

If you still have doubts at the end of the article, we would like to remind you that you can take advantage of a personalised 30-minute consultation with one of our locals, who will put together your travel itinerary with you and provide you with all the advice and tips you are looking for.

Ready? Let’s go!

Amalfi Coast tours: the right mindset

Let’s start with this principle: the Amalfi Coast is not a geographical place, but an entity, a lifestyle, a real state of mind.

When one thinks of this land, but especially when one’s gaze encounters its wild and complex beauty for the first time, songs such as “That’s Amore” come to mind. 

There is beauty everywhere you look, here.

And it is not just the eternal charm of the sea overlooked by the winding State Road 163 Amalfitana. It is not just the unique landscape, with these immense cultivated terraces sloping gently down to the sea. It is not the vertical structure of some towns, such as Positano, or the spectacular view from Ravello that is awe-inspiring.

It is something deeper and more poetic, perhaps.

I believe it has to do with the complexity of this land, with the love with which our ancestors wrested it from the mountains. Perhaps also with the slowness, which still survives languidly in villages and hamlets less besieged by tourists.

The Amalfi Coast is a state of mind, and it pleases us when those who visit it for the first time manage to immerse themselves completely in this lifestyle of sea, sky and lemon-scented simplicity.

But how does a local live?

Very quietly, actually.

we work, as in any other city, but we also enjoy one’s free time slowly: a stroll along the seafront, a coffee with lifelong friends, a chat in front of the sea.

The sea is always there: it provides the backdrop and background music to a daily routine that is, in fact, much less mundane than the one visible on social media.

The Glamour charm of the Coast certainly concerns the most famous and iconic places on the Coast, such as Amalfi, Positano and Ravello, while all the others enjoy greater calm, less tourist crowding, a greater quest for slowness.

This first clarification can be very useful to make an initial distinction: on the one hand, we have more crowded places, on average more expensive for sleeping and eating, where glamorous clubs and the most Instagrammable attractions reside; on the other, we have seaside villages, such as Atrani, Minori, Maiori and Cetara, which, except for the month of August, offer greater tranquillity and slightly lower prices.

How to organise an Amalfi Coast tour travelling by car

Traffic remains one of the main problems on the Amalfi Coast: parking spaces for vehicles are few and far between, so you are often forced to leave your car a long way from where you need to go. Our advice is to avoid planning a holiday by car, at least in high season, when, due to traffic and the massive influx of tourists, it becomes difficult to park and move around.

We would also like to remind you that from June 2022, the ordinance imposing alternate number plates has been in force. In June, July and September, the ordinance limits vehicle access only at weekends, while from August, access is limited every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with the exception of those checking in and out at accommodation facilities on the Amalfi Coast.

Today, unfortunately, the Amalfi State Road is the only access route to the area and is frequented not only by tourists, but also by commuters and all the freight traffic that moves exclusively by road. The charm of this strip of land embracing the sea changes with every season and the tourist offer is spread over 365 days, so know that when you want to get away, the Amalfi Coast is always waiting for you, to take care of you with sun, sea, art, and good food.

If you are looking for more information on getting around the Amalfi Coast, we invite you to download our free guide “How to get around the Amalfi Coast”: an invaluable aid, whether you travel by car or decide to travel by public transport!

Inside, we have included lots of information on how to get from one municipality to another and a list of all available parking spaces for cars and motorbikes!

Tours of the Amalfi Coast with children: where to stay and what to do

We have already dedicated the article “Visiting the Amalfi Coast with children: tips for a perfect holiday” to families visiting the Amalfi Coast with children.

The most convenient place to stay, in our experience, remains the beautiful town of Amalfi.

This is because all SITA SUD buses and all Travelmar ferries to all destinations on the Amalfi Coast depart from here.

In addition, the town’s layout, which is flatter and has fewer steps, can be more comfortable if you are travelling with a pushchair.

Among the towns on the Coast most enjoyable with the family, we also recommend Maiori and Minori, as they offer more tranquillity and ease of travel.

Not recommended is the romantic Positano: in addition to the huge number of tourists crowding it, it is really problematic to walk steps and stairs carrying a small child.

Among the activities that we recommend you include in your Amalfi Coast tour, a visit to a lemon grove is a must, where you and the children will learn a lot about our sfusato amalfitano and get to know our flying farmers live.

Not to be missed is a day out on a boat or dinghy, where you can explore the most exclusive beaches of the Amalfi Coast, stop off at the Emerald Grotto, reach Positano by sea, and enjoy a delicious lunch by the sea, stopping off at one of the many local restaurants.

Best tours of the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast tour for couples: an unforgettable romantic itinerary

If the goal of your Amalfi Coast holiday is to enjoy a few days of relaxation and sweetness together with your other half, you’ve probably already peeked at some photos on Instagram and are already aware of the beauty you will see together.

The whole of the Amalfi Coast has that romantic and picturesque charm: its narrow streets, for example, seem to be made to be walked hand in hand, between one glimpse and the next, to be immortalised while kissing, with the sea behind you.

Praiano’s breathtaking sunsets, for example, seem to have been created by nature to be watched in two, sipping an aperitif, after a relaxing day at the sea.

And what about the exclusive little beaches, to be reached by sea, to enjoy a day in the sun away from the more central and crowded beaches?

If you are travelling with your other half, the perfect destinations are Positano, Praiano and Ravello.

The first, immortalised every day by thousands of couples on Instagram, amazes with its landscape: it is impossible not to fall in love with its colourful houses overlooking the sea and its vertical structure! Unmissable in the evening, for a dinner or to sip a drink in one of its lively bars by the sea.

Praiano, we recommend for sunset: from the small tiled square, adjacent to the church of San Gennaro, you can admire a breathtaking sunset. But you can also enjoy a wonderful spectacle from the Gavitella beach, especially since the sun sets later here. Moreover, to reach the beach you have to walk along a wonderful path that will amaze you with the spectacular views it offers.

Ravello we point out inspired by some photos of travellers on Instagram, who had their wedding proposal immortalised on the Terrace of Infinity at Villa Cimbrone!

If you were thinking of something to surprise your other half and declare your love for her, you may have just found an idea.

Joking aside, Ravello certainly has a lot to offer to couples, young and old, who come to the Amalfi Coast in search of relaxation and tranquillity: from here, wherever you turn, you can admire the marvellous spectacle of the Coast.

In addition to this, in the summer months you can make a detour to one of the numerous events of the Ravello Festival, the rich calendar of musical and cultural events of the highest level, held every year on the stage overlooking the sea set up on the Terrace of Villa Rufolo

Not to be missed is the Dawn Concert, held every year by the first half of August.

Among the activities to do as a couple and plan in your tour of the Amalfi Coast, we definitely recommend a day on the boat, perhaps with destination Capri, with a stop for lunch at one of the many restaurants by the sea.

Best time for a romantic holiday?

In our opinion, spring or early autumn, to enjoy the best of the climate and the greater tranquillity of the area!

Tips for trekking and hiking enthusiasts

That the Amalfi Coast is not just about the sea is well known. We have, in fact, talked about it in our article dedicated to Excursions on the Amalfi Coast, which we recommend you read, especially if the first thing you pack is your pair of trekking shoes.

Having said all this, let’s move on to give you some advice on where it is best to stay.

The first that comes to mind is related to the most popular trail among enthusiasts and travellers: the Path of the Gods, which we discuss in detail in our dedicated article.

If your starting point in organising your Amalfi Coast tour is that, considering that the trail starts in Bomerano (Agerola), you could find your accommodation nearby or, alternatively, spend a few days there and decide to move to another area for the remainder of your stay.

In Agerola, you will be able to find more affordable accommodation, more tranquillity and you can take the opportunity to taste the rich and tasty local cuisine, based on zero-kilometre raw materials.

Another unmissable stop for trekking and hiking enthusiasts is definitely the village of Scala. In addition to the charm of staying in the oldest village on the Amalfi Coast, you can take advantage of the numerous paths that start from the hamlets of the village.

Scala stands on a hill 400 metres above sea level and official documents establish that it is the oldest town on the Amalfi Coast. Its position is rather peculiar because it was built for strategic purposes. The original village was destroyed and then rebuilt in the Middle Ages, accentuating its defensive function and becoming a fortified bastion.

We recommend a visit to the Ziro Tower and the Basilica of Sant’Eustachio.

If you are a climbing enthusiast, we remind you that there are also climbing routes on the Amalfi Coast, created a few years ago: the cliffs of the Coast are ready to give you unique emotions, suspended over the sea!

Low budget Amalfi Coast tours

If you are looking for ways to save money on accommodation and food, when organising your Amalfi Coast tour we recommend moving away from the more central towns, preferring the more authentic Amalfi Coast.

One of the first destinations that comes to mind is, without a doubt, Tramonti, the green lung of the Amalfi Coast: here you can sleep in one of the many farm holiday and accommodation facilities, travelling on a slightly lower budget than in the other towns on the Coast.

If you choose this as the base of your trip, it may be convenient for you to rent a scooter to travel to the other municipalities on the Coast.

The municipality of Tramonti is connected to the rest of the Costiera by the SITA SUD service, but there are not many routes: we always advise you to check the company’s website to ensure that the available routes meet your travel needs.

We also remind you that from summer 2022 the Travelmar service is available, which combines ferry ride + shuttle to reach the town of Tramonti. Again, the rides are not very numerous and we recommend a thorough check of the compatibility of the service with your expectations.

If you decide to stay overnight in the municipality of Tramonti, you can consider some unique experiences.

First, you can sample the traditional pizza of Tramonti, which differs from the Neapolitan pizza in the type of dough. If you want to learn more about the subject, you can take part in a cooking class held by a master pizza maker from Tramonti, who will explain all the details and guide you step by step in making your own pizza.

Tramonti will also delight you with its fine wines, made from centuries-old vines, using traditional methods that have preserved unique grapes. In this regard, an experience to consider is a wine tour at a centuries-old vineyard, with wine tasting and sampling of typical products: a plunge into the authentic and traditional heart of these places.

Final tips for planning your Amalfi Coast tour

We have tried to respond to the most common needs we have encountered over the years.

It is impossible to exhaust the whole subject in a single article: the Amalfi Coast offers so much, both for those hungry for curiosity and for those seeking relaxation and social life.

In this regard, before concluding this article, we would like to leave you with four little bonus tips!

  1. Best period? For us without a doubt spring and autumn.  Obviously, sea fans are exempt from our advice. For everyone else, we recommend the period after Easter or the months of September and October, which are also ideal for organising a two-day getaway or a tender romantic weekend. In these periods, in fact, you will find the ideal climate for wandering from one village to another, less traffic, more parking possibilities. If you are travelling by vehicle, we would like to remind you that the Travelmar ferry service usually runs until the end of October, but we advise you to check before departure: their customer service is very efficient!
  2. Looking for social life? During the summer, the Coast teems with musical and cultural events, festivals and celebrations. There are also numerous seaside clubs open until late at night, where you can have dinner or a drink. Please note that public services operate only up to a certain time and usually most services end before midnight. Alternatively, for your travels, we strongly recommend renting a scooter: a night ride along the Costiera, during the warm summer evenings, is something indescribable.
  3. If you are still in doubt, we recommend our guide ‘Vivo qui da Sempre’. We have gathered together all the information you need to organise your itinerary on the Amalfi Coast. The guide is based on how long you will stay on the Amalfi Coast and helps you build your ideal itinerary independently.