Amalfi Coast Apartment

An apartment in Amalfi can be the right accommodation for your holidays, both if you are travelling alone or if you are travelling with friends of family.

Positano, Amalfi, Minori, Maiori, Ravello: it’s really not important where you planned to spend the most of your vacation. You will be able to find apartments and villas for your stay in the Costiera.

Amalfi Coast is renowned for the quality of its villa and apartments and deciding for such an accommodation may be the best decision you have ever made about your vacation.

Where to get an apartment in Costiera Amalfitana?

Getting an apartment for your stay in the Costiera is very easy. All you have to do is to search the best website about Amalfi Coast and get the best offers for this very specific type of accommodation.

Some of the apartments are even listen on big search engines like Trivago, Booking and such, giving you the opportunity to compare the offers even with normal other rooms or B&B.

The advantages of renting an apartment in the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Apartments started being popular much before trends like Airbnb started. It is very simple to understand the reason:

  • apartments in the whole Amalfi Coast are simply beautiful: without any exaggeration we can safely say that housing quality is one of the highest of Europe, giving the opportunity to the guests to spend their time in a quality environment, even during their holidays
  • apartments tend to be cheaper than hotels, especially for people reaching the Coast in crowded groups. If your family or group of friends exceed 5–6 people, finding an appropriate apartment is usually easier and cheaper
  • apartments offer a higher level of confort: there is no place like home and an apartment is the closest thing you will get to your house. No cold and impersonal hotel rooms, no feelings of being a guest. In a few hours the apartment can start feeling like our house
  • apartments offer a higher level of privacy: you may be a public person and need a higher level of privacy for you and your family. That’s not always possible in hotels, so renting a villa or an apartment can be a better solution for your tranquility

Amalfi Coast Apartments are beautiful

It doesn’t matter where: it can be Amalfi, it can be Positano, it can be Minori, Maiori, Ravello.

The quality of the housing is very high, especially for the accommodations that are rented to tourists.

There is basically no risk of ending in a old or problematic house, as they keep bing renewed not only for tourist, but also because local regulations are particularly strict.

Apartments in Amalfi are usually much more beautiful than hotels, even when compared with 4 or 5 star ones: there is the personal touch and taste of the owner and that unique feeling of being in a house and not in a cold hotel room.

Apartments can be cheaper than hotel accommodation

Especially if you are travelling with a crowded group, staying in an apartment can be much cheaper. Big villas and big apartments, able to accommodate up to 8 people can make you save about 50% compared to a standard hotel accommodation.

As for the B&Bs, they can rarely offer accommodation for crowded groups. Sometimes Apartments, even when close to the sea and with a beautiful view, can be much more affordable, even during the high season.

Prices can be convenient even if you are planning a long stay: renting an apartment for more than 1 week makes the price usually even lower, something that definitely doesn’t happen when renting a hotel room.

A higher level of confort

Unlike hotel rooms, which usually offer just the basic for your stay (a bed, a table, bathroom and sometimes balcony) in an apartment in the Amalfi Coast you will be able to enjoy the full experience of a house. Multiple bathrooms, real bedrooms, the comfort of a living room and a kitchen, where you may even decide to cook the extraordinary food provided by the Amalfi Coast.

Staying in a hotel is surely ok, but won’t give you all the space you may need for a really comfortable stay. In an apartment or a villa you will be able to enjoy not just strolls, days at the beach or in museums, but also the privilege of living for real along the Amalfi Coast.


Privacy can be everything, especially if we are public people and need to be able to rest away from people, fans and photographers.

Choosing a villa or an apartment maybe a better solution if privacy is one of your concerns.

You can pick up an apartment far from the center of the town, being able to enjoy anyway what the Amalfi Coast has to offer, without the bother of being recognisable.

Even though it’s one of the most popular places of the world, you can enjoy your privacy even in Amalfi, a town that is used to host even very special guests.

Make an early reservation, especially if you want to visit Amalfi Coast during the High Season

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular destinations of the world and if you really want to be sure about finding an apartment or a villa, you should reserve it much in advance. The best houses get fully booked even before March and many of them are usually booked for the same week for 10 or 15 years.

So, if this is your final decision, you shouldn’t lose 1 minute more: find the right accommodation for yourself and your family and book immediately. This is true especially for very popular destinations, like Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, Maiori and Minori.

It’s the same for villas too: they get fully booked quite early, so move accordingly and try to secure to yourself an early booking: you will be able to score a better deal, both as price and choice!